Friday, September 19, 2008

My first Blog post

September 19,2008

Blog draft

Intro- Blogs:

My name is Emily I go to school at CIS 339 in the Bronx.
My ELA teacher is Mr.spevack what i like most about ELA that you get to use the laptops. We are going to be blogging about reading or writing.

1 of our goals is 2 years of growth in reading and the 2nd is 2 years of growth in writing.
I plan on accomplishing my goal by reading eveyday at least 30 min and writing eveyday.
Its important to get better at reading and writing it makes you get good grades.

The kinda books i like to read are rotten school,capitian under pants.
The kinda book am reading right now is funny.
In class am writing about blogging.