Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sonar raft

 Sonar wakes up fly around the house because someone let her out. for example  bats like to sleep in the winter. another example is that bats don't like spring . Third example is that bats  like flying. Clearly  I think bats are sleeping in the day time.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The man who could see elephants

The man's problem was that he wanted to learn how to carve. For example if I had would have been there that would have happened.Another example is that My friend would have done the same.Third example is that we need to learn. Clearly I think that its good to learn.

The problem is solved by helping the boy.For example if that would have happened to me he would help me to.Another example is that if the old man was mean forget it.Third example is that its good to help.
For that reason i think its OK to help.

I think what would happen is that hes going to become a caver.For example hes good at it. Another example is that he is a okay boy . Third example is that he learned how to caver.Clearly I think hes going to become a caver plus he stay caver for 2 years.

Monday, November 24, 2008

My listeing essay the beginning of the story mantharaka went to the forrest because hes loom broke so he had to go look for some wood that way he can get wood and make a another one and get to work.But when he went to go chop down the tree said you cant chop me down but he said I have to my loom broke mantharaka said so the tree said I would grante you a wish and he said ok but I have to think about it.

At the middle of the story mantharaka went out of the forrest and to the hes friend the barber and ask what should he wish for and he said a kingdom that he can be the king and the barber can be the prime minster of the kingdom but he said maybe I will ask my wife and the barber said that you said never ask your wife or your getting the wrong advice .

At the end mantharaka went to ask hes wife she said that he should wish for 4 arms and 2 heads and he said maybe I will ask for that so he went back to the forrest and ask for the 2 heads and 4 arms so when he ask for that they gave him that.When he went out the forrest people looked at him like if he was a deman.So they killed him.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First, there is a problem facing our country students need laptops. Second students need more fun in school. Third students need more tech. I urge you to give better food ,laptops and more.

The problem is that there not learning .For that reason school needs to be more fun.Evidently kids need more good food.Clearly students are not happy with what there working with.

There is a big problem facing our country I think students need better school laptops.First I think they need laptops. Second schools need to be more fun.Third kids need food.The reason is that students need laptops to learn better about tech.

There is a problem facing our country that students need food .First I think us kid need juice boxes in school .second we need more healty food.Third I hope they make better food clearly, we need it.I think we need better food.students need more help with there food because personal like I to taste.

I recommend that you you pass a law makes class more interesting,harder and forces students to focus doing class.Thank you Mr.president for you time and consideration.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Super story

By day i am a sweet heart but at night i become Super women. I go and save people i hate those people that try to rule the world like Evil boy.I turn like a star i have pretty wings that are blue and red . I have skinny jeans that are red i have a red and white star shirt that i love and red lipstick with tan color skin and nice i layes and there black . There's this Evil twin that i have her name is Super Women to she is very evil .I dont like her she said that she is going to become nice one of these days which i think its not going to happen and i don't belive her.

She love wereing skinny jeans and she has butterfly wings .she has really long nails scary face and a shirt with gills which is nastie .I hate her she makes me sick really and she has blonde hair she has a black and red noise which is ugly. she thinks she is cute and i dont think the Master said that if she becomes nice she becomes pretty and sweet like me the Master is a very nice man he has a mask and its black with a gray cap and he loves the mets and i do to which is cool dude he is the Master of all super hero's except the bad wons like my evil twin eve have never ment her before ok.

Were am at its hot and the place is called sunny ville its very nice its like 90 degree which is very hot the sounds are like trees moving around and it looks like Cailforna and wee have lots of beachs there so we go to the beach sometimes which is fun and sometimes i think i see my Evil twin which is crazy but one day it was night and i saw her with that Evil look and a bag in her hand and she was walking down the street with her bag and i said u cant run away this time am going to catch she try to sracth me with her culths and she could because i turn invisble and she took dust and throw it on me when she throw dust on me she saw me then she got me which was not nice when she got me i ''said'' let me go she said know then hit her in the face! i said you hit me in the face then i started running she try to catch me but she could not i went to the Master he said ill take her powers away then he did and then she became nice. Then Evil boy came and try to ditroy us but she could not . Then The Master gave her back her powers when he did she started fighting back to Evil boy is this little blue Cotten candy kid .He hates The Master he has is The Evil Master which i hate so much !

The Evil Master is this red and black color man he try to get them to rule the world but he cant because he cant go throw us good people which is good or else he is going to want the world for him which is very bad news! which is not good like said. Us good people were smart ok we love the world which is good !

Friday, September 19, 2008

My first Blog post

September 19,2008

Blog draft

Intro- Blogs:

My name is Emily I go to school at CIS 339 in the Bronx.
My ELA teacher is Mr.spevack what i like most about ELA that you get to use the laptops. We are going to be blogging about reading or writing.

1 of our goals is 2 years of growth in reading and the 2nd is 2 years of growth in writing.
I plan on accomplishing my goal by reading eveyday at least 30 min and writing eveyday.
Its important to get better at reading and writing it makes you get good grades.

The kinda books i like to read are rotten school,capitian under pants.
The kinda book am reading right now is funny.
In class am writing about blogging.