Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First, there is a problem facing our country students need laptops. Second students need more fun in school. Third students need more tech. I urge you to give better food ,laptops and more.

The problem is that there not learning .For that reason school needs to be more fun.Evidently kids need more good food.Clearly students are not happy with what there working with.

There is a big problem facing our country I think students need better school laptops.First I think they need laptops. Second schools need to be more fun.Third kids need food.The reason is that students need laptops to learn better about tech.

There is a problem facing our country that students need food .First I think us kid need juice boxes in school .second we need more healty food.Third I hope they make better food clearly, we need it.I think we need better food.students need more help with there food because personal like I to taste.

I recommend that you you pass a law makes class more interesting,harder and forces students to focus doing class.Thank you Mr.president for you time and consideration.

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Marilyn 605 said...

Dear Emily,
i like you blog post because i like the picture that you put okay!!!
The best part of your essay is the pictures.
One suggestion i have is that i love your essay and the picture.

Sincerely,^^*^*^*^^M@R!lyn M@Rt!N3Z