Monday, November 24, 2008

My listeing essay the beginning of the story mantharaka went to the forrest because hes loom broke so he had to go look for some wood that way he can get wood and make a another one and get to work.But when he went to go chop down the tree said you cant chop me down but he said I have to my loom broke mantharaka said so the tree said I would grante you a wish and he said ok but I have to think about it.

At the middle of the story mantharaka went out of the forrest and to the hes friend the barber and ask what should he wish for and he said a kingdom that he can be the king and the barber can be the prime minster of the kingdom but he said maybe I will ask my wife and the barber said that you said never ask your wife or your getting the wrong advice .

At the end mantharaka went to ask hes wife she said that he should wish for 4 arms and 2 heads and he said maybe I will ask for that so he went back to the forrest and ask for the 2 heads and 4 arms so when he ask for that they gave him that.When he went out the forrest people looked at him like if he was a deman.So they killed him.

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