Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sonar raft

 Sonar wakes up fly around the house because someone let her out. for example  bats like to sleep in the winter. another example is that bats don't like spring . Third example is that bats  like flying. Clearly  I think bats are sleeping in the day time.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The man who could see elephants

The man's problem was that he wanted to learn how to carve. For example if I had would have been there that would have happened.Another example is that My friend would have done the same.Third example is that we need to learn. Clearly I think that its good to learn.

The problem is solved by helping the boy.For example if that would have happened to me he would help me to.Another example is that if the old man was mean forget it.Third example is that its good to help.
For that reason i think its OK to help.

I think what would happen is that hes going to become a caver.For example hes good at it. Another example is that he is a okay boy . Third example is that he learned how to caver.Clearly I think hes going to become a caver plus he stay caver for 2 years.