Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Emily's vision of freedom

   I don't know how it feels not to be free but, I think it is not to be loved or to have what you want.  True freedom is love. Love that can be trusted. People should have freedom because they need it. Everyone can have freedom because they all can love, but people sometimes hate which takes away freedom. I am writing this vision for freedom because people should know how freedom is. Also people have to learn how to use it.

     The most important right that people need is to be loved and to be known . Another thing that I believe a person needs to be free is for them to have people. Also to trust people, like Jonas from The Giver he was not free he had to do whatever they said. They need money. In the story that I read Amerigo he was not free because he had no love in his life .

   My vision of freedom begins with my belief that every person deserves peace. Freedom means to have a connection with people so that you can have peace with other people. In  some places kids like Patricio lose their families because of war.  Patricio also lost his arms because of war. The lives of kids like Patricio were bad because of the war. I hope that everybody in the whole world see my story. My vision of freedom will never end.


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